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If your dog has already been trained to perform as a Service Animal by you or another trainer, then your dog will only require a Service Animal Evaluation to determine if your dog qualifies for ADA Certification.

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K9 Service Academy Has Been Training & Certifying Service Animals For Over 20 Years.
Service animals can be trained to provide a wide range of services for their companions. Not all service animals are hearing or guide dogs. If your dog can come when signaled, then he may qualify as a service animal depending on your disabilities.
We certify all animals that meet ADA requirements and specialize in training retrieve, open, balance, and pack service dogs. We also train and certify animals that provide unique or atypical services for their disabled companions.
We offer a unique owner-centric approach to service animal training that is successful for almost any dog. Service animal training is a lifetime experience and every dog is unique, but using our techniques dogs may be trained and ready to assist their companions sooner than most would expect.
K9 Service Academy provides individualized on-site training and certification of service animals. We offer specialized programs nationwide & provide remote certification services depending on your need.
K9 Service Academy.com Can Help You.
The K9 Service Academy understands that many disabled individuals cannot afford professional training or have already trained their dog to assist them with their disability but still need to have their service animal certified to meet housing or public access requirements.
Simply, go to the "Free Pre-Screening" page and email us indicating your interest in our certification program and we will begin a dialogue with you to create a path to certification for your unique situation that will meet ADA requirements.
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